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End of the line…

Regardless of the strong south wind, sea was like a little city last night. Commercial boats were trying to circle the fish by using enormous halogen lamps and I was thinking how on earth migratory fish can survive this kind of strategy? Fishing industry has been using smart tools like lamps, satellites, planes, bigger nets  [ Read More ]

Does it worth?

Like all fishermen, we “spearos” have the fetish to get the best equipment on market. Unfortunately, some of us are also interested in underwater photography and filming. Five years ago major companies like sony, cannon, etc… introduced video function into the small digital cameras. By then the king of underwater filming was the infamous Sony  [ Read More ]

Medex Show 2011

4th Medex show will take place at 24-27 March 2011 in Istanbul Turkey. Within the scope of Medex Istanbul, which is the biggest underwater and outdoor sports fair of our country and the Mediterranean Basin and ranks among the important fairs of the world, underwater and nature sports,hunting equipment, local and foreign diving and nature  [ Read More ]

The world’s best underwater photographs 2010 has announced the best uw photographs of 2010. Some of the images are breath taking, don’t you think so? The Guardian 4th Annual UW photography

New record from Coste!

Multiple record holder Venezuellan athlete Carlos Coste has broken another record by doing a dynamic in an underwater cave. Total distance 150m! Take a look at this

Will Trubridge’s Master Class

by: Christopher Morey Shortly after my first visit to Dean’s Blue Hole in November of ’08 Will Trubridge mentioned his Master Class to me.  He thought I’d enjoy meeting and working with Yogi, Simon Borg-Olivier, and told me he’d put me on the mailing list. I would never have dared enroll myself in anything that even  [ Read More ]