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Side Imaging Sounders

It’s been a while since these high tech units hit the market. I’ve yet to use one but read quite a lot on them and the feedback from users are amazing. With almost photograph quality images and quick installation, they are definitely shining in the sounder market. As far as I know scuba guys are  [ Read More ]

World Records..

IBSRC or IUSA one is specialized on blue water fish and the other covers almost all species. It is always interesting to take a look at the monster fish and proud spearfisherman around the world and of course dreaming about those waters. What do you think our own Hall of Fame section can take its  [ Read More ]

One fish… but a big one!

As far as I know this one is the first spearfishing DVD which is filmed by a group of very skilfull hunter across the world and gathered together. In other words, it is a joint effort to show what we are really after… BIG FISH! I’m sure you’ll find a familiar name in the cast!  [ Read More ]

Safety at sea “Signal Floats”

Every year the traffic on sea is getting worse than ever. Many accidents happen and we hear a lot of sad stories. We know that there are a lot of reckless boaters around but are we doing what we have to do? It does not matter it is mandatory or not, every diver should use  [ Read More ]

Howard Hall productions…

Imagine a camera system weighing over 1200lbs and as big as a smart car! you take it down to film the meanest creature of ocean and dedicate yourself to make an IMAX 3D Great White Shark documentary… Well, what can I say! big big respect to Howard and Michele Hall. They produced some special episodes  [ Read More ]

2010 Dentex Cup

Viewed almost 8000 times and lasted for 7 months 15 days, the 5th infamous Medfish Dentex Cup is over. The rules were almost same with the last year and entrants were introducing three of their best catches in the season. Here are some snap shots from the cup. The winner of cup is Kgian the  [ Read More ]