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How to save the bluefin?

I’ve met this animation on youtube and it can’t explain the facts better than this! No matter how many of them you see or catch, Blue fins are now endangered and the current system consumes them wildly.

Ask the pro’s in Valencia..

By: Shane Shacaluga Our colleagues at will be attending a big spearfishing expo in Valencia this weekend. They will be interviewing some beginners that are discovering this underwater world for this first time :lol: . At, they can raise your questions and suggestions to the following guys: Confirmed: Pedro Carbonell (Beuchat) Joseba Kerejeta  [ Read More ]


We are always trying to show the facts about our seas and how desperate we are to protect them. Oceana is another big corporation focusing on the protection of marine life and sea environments and they need help from all of us who care about mother sea and enjoy it dearly.

Walking on the sea bed..

This one is probably one of the most spectacular spearfishing video I’ve ever seen. We all spend little fortunes on new suits, carbon fins, high tech guns and do our best to hold our breath a little longer and a little deeper. But for some people story is different. As usual BBC has done one  [ Read More ]

The Greater Meaning of Water

It was 1988 and I was a kid hypnotized deep into the screen to see how Mayol (Jean Marc Bar) was going deep and even deeper! Le Grand Blue was definitely a hit movie of its time and it pushed many of us into freediving. 22 years later another movie is hitting the white screen  [ Read More ]

101m Unasisted!

There are some super athletes on mother earth and William Trubridge is definitely one of them. Take a look at the vertical blue teams website!!! On the 13th December 2010, just before midday, using only his bare hands and feet, William Trubridge swam down 100 meters (328 feet) into the abyss of Dean’s Blue Hole (Long Island,  [ Read More ]