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BanksBoards – a new era in Diveboards

Carrying a float or diving with a board has always been an errand for most of us. We want something easy to carry in the water and we also want plenty of functionality like space to put spearguns or to attach fishor a safe place for diving papers, keys, etc… San Fransisco based company “Banks  [ Read More ]


“Science, experience, creativity … Those are the basic elements of SUBCRAFT. This young company is founded by a group of divers, sea lovers and engineers and all of them great enthusiast. The core of the group represents an engineer whose expertise comes all the way to robotics, a spear fisherman with 30 years of diving  [ Read More ]

Weightless “Emotional Freediving”

Another great video has just hit the youtube! This time a group of Danish freedivers are pointing on the spiritual side of our wonderful sport and they do it in a style! It is highly recommended for a huge smile at your coffee break!   For more information about weightless emotions feel free to visit  [ Read More ]

Free Dive International

Have you ever taken a proper apnea course? Or have you ever planned a trip to train only for freediving? Most of us as being spear fishermen have never attended a free diving course or planned a trip without our spearguns but sometimes it is nice to have a change! I’ve just had the pleasure to  [ Read More ]

A New Warrior is Coming..

We have seen the old rainbow warrior fighting with the whalers, protesting bravely against almost nuclear testing and chasing away the angry tuna fishermen. Now, a new warrior is coming and Greenpeace is looking for all nature lovers support. Take a few minute of your time and check out this wonderful machine. The new Warriror

“Breath” Teaser Trailers

I guess things have not been the same since Nery shot the free fall. It’s not all about monochrome images, static cameras and low resolution filming any more. As athletes go deeper, they are also looking for cooler ways to display their wonderful efforts. Have a look at the William Trubridge’s teaser trailers!!!