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Spearfishing the Greek Archipelago


Spearfishing the Greek archipelago with Kostis Mamassis where with his refined aspetto and aguatto technique, how he lands groupers, dentex, common sea bream, dusky grouper and amberjacks. Languages: Greek Where to order? Diveshop

Tri-cut spear tip


Somethimes we need extra penetration or simple we wonder why the fish fought so long although the shot was very well placed. The conical tip spears tend to push the flesh out without causing much damage but a good prepared tri-cut shaft does much more than that. The advantages of cutting a bone or a  [ Read More ]

2007 Medfish Bass Cup


2007 Medfish Bass Competition has finally settled. The joy and admiral boat of winter days has come to an end at 01.04.2008. This year our cup is sponsored by Mareasub and we are all sure that the winner will have a very nice surprise. Although the competition has not seen to many entries the spectacular  [ Read More ]

Athens Dive Expo 08

written by: Antonis Tatarakis A quick post to inform you that the 2008 Athens Spearfishing Show will take place 1-5 March, at the old east airport location (Anatoliko Aerodromio). This is one of the biggest and most serious fishing/spearfishing shows in EU, and most of the big spearfishing companies will be showcasing their new products and  [ Read More ]



by:  Martyn Foxen Here are some pictures of my latest creation. An aluminum “T” section cored 105 cm gun, with an enclosed track, 7mm seatek shark fin spear and double 18mm bands. Components: Marine grade aluminum, 25mm high pressure PVC pipe, fiber glass.



The ones who used slip tip on their guns know; it reduces the shaft speed. As being a Mediterranean spearo we usually do not have the luxury to catch slow and extra curious fish. Our preys are usually fast, evil and unpredictable. If you add the factor of soft flesh in this equation the result  [ Read More ]