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Orata Cup 07


by: Pero Ugarkovic On 10th on June has started second Medfish orata cup. The end of a cup was 1st of November when winner took special polo sub prize. Entry Rules: – Minimum size 1.5kg with pic of scale – No mussel crackers are allowed – The spearfisher must be a regular active medfish member(at  [ Read More ]

Dentex cup 07


by: Pero Ugarkovic On the 1st of April this year our beloved dentex was the target not only for hunt but also for award wining size on medfish. Till 1st of December we had seen many dentex on our forum even “larger” ones but when there is a cup the rules must not break, never  [ Read More ]



by: Pero Ugarkovic During the winter lots of Mediterranean spearos enjoy shallow water, the main reason is that like no other season big seabass can appear behind every corner and when you combine that with very tasty and delightful meat you get a very popular fish. Bass is closely related to groupers but has its  [ Read More ]

Octopus recepie (Polvo à Lagareiro)

by: Marco Cerieiro Hi guys, This is IMHO the best way to eat octopus. As always, first you have to get into the water and grab one of those really “fresh” octopus only we spearos can get. Then it’s Cooking time… Ingredients: Octopus Small Potatoes ( +- 1 kg ) Onions ( 1 ) Garlic  [ Read More ]

An Austrian recipe – “Müllerin”

by: Thomas Harand Hello Medfish Friends, This is my favorite recipe and you can use it for nearly any kind of fish you want. Especially if it is a fish where you can eat the skin too. (trout for example) You can take the whole cleaned fish or just the filet. Ingridients: Any fish that  [ Read More ]

Hot Sargo

by: Eyal Hi dear friends, A sargo isn’t the coolest fish to catch but i think some of us will find it a tasty food nice fish. This is a recipe that almost every kind of spearo can catch and very easy to cook as a nice flavor dish . Ingredients: Frying pan with cover  [ Read More ]