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Bass cup 2006

by: Pero Ugarkovic Since first competitions gain success in catches and fun, medfish team decided that it would be great to continue with organizing cup and this year from 20th November to 1st April they started second medfish bass competition. Entry rules: – Minimum size 2kg – The spearfisher must be a regular active medfish  [ Read More ]



by: Pero Ugarkovic For many people common dentex (Dentex dentex) is the most valuable specie of fish that can be caught in Mediterranean Sea. Although its delicious, dentex is not considered to be the tastiest but still as a phenomena he gets more honor that all other, even tastiest fishes. The name dentex comes from  [ Read More ]

Dentex Cup 2006


It was the 1st of April 2006 when the admiral boat of Medfish took its anchor to show us the biggest trophy of Mediterranean sea. Till the first day of December all our members did their best to catch the biggest dentex in their waters and of course to tell the most exciting stories ever.  [ Read More ]

2005 Medfish Bass Cup


From the 18th of October till 1st of March 2006, medfish team organized the first cup in our history. The aim was to bring a joy to the cold winter days and follow the biggest bass. Most of us tried all the tricks we knew, dived at every opportunity and here is our first competition.  [ Read More ]



by: Victor Abellán The solution for those who spear big fish in open water, or hard fighting fish like the Dentex or other big pelagics. The slip-tip has been used for many years in other locations where the fish are usually much bigger than in the Mediterranean, due to its great penetration and effectiveness with  [ Read More ]

AJ cup 2007


by: Pero Ugarkovic On 10th on June has started second Amberjack cup. The end of a cup was 1st of December 2007 when winner took very surprise present from Bleu. Entry rules: – Min size 5kg. – The spearfisher must be a regular active medfish member (at least 20 posts!) The cup opener was Alejandro who  [ Read More ]