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Carbon Fin Repair

by: Aydin Mevsim We all know the cons and pros of a high performance carbon blade. They are powerful, light, have unbeatable snap but also quite fragile. Although today’s carbon fins are stronger than most materials of the past, still there can be some unfortunate experiences with them. A small crack is not a reason to  [ Read More ]

Carlos Eyles

Carlos Eyles was born in Hawai. He enjoyed spearfishing during his teens and carried his passion long long years in his life. Now we know him with his amazing books describing the mother sea and fishing scenes that we all dreamt. Name: Carlos Eyles Born: 1941, Hawaii Website: Carlos Eyles How did you start spearfishing?  [ Read More ]

Abellansub Denton 110

In the beginning it was all about a new wooden gun with a metal muzzle and the beautiful fish laying besides it. The well kept secret is unleashed now and its name is Denton 110. We all know that creating a good gun is not easy and there is always huge experience and knowledge behind it. I’ve to  [ Read More ]

Rob Allen

by: Vivien Vogel Rob Allen is a speargun manufacturer from South Africa. His brand which is named after himself is especially made for Big Game Fishing. Many worldrecords were shot with one of his guns. On Medfish he talks about the beginning, spearfishing-forums and spearfishing in mediterranean sea. NAME: Rob Allen BORN: 1958 Luancha, Zambia  [ Read More ]

Medex Istanbul

The 2nd Medex 2009 which is the biggest fair of Mediterranean Basin shall be held in İstanbul Fuar Merkezi (İstanbul Fair Center) on March 18-22, 2009. Within the scope of Medex Istanbul, which is the biggest underwater and nature sports fair of our country and the Mediterranean Basin and ranks among the important fairs of  [ Read More ]

Fish with pasta

by: Marco Cerieiro Pasta has always been the top food for spearfishermen. This time, Chef Marco has brought us a perfect recipe to recover after a good day’s dive. Ingredients: Fish* (+- 2kg) Pasta Tomatoes (+- 0,5kg) Onions (1) Garlic (4) Corianders (a lot) Bay Leaf (2) Olive Oil Salt * – The more different  [ Read More ]