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It all started one evening in July 2005. I was at work trying to clean out the reports in the late hours of my shift and my friend Mehmet Kale (Posiedon) was drinking his morning coffee at the other side of Atlantic.

We were running a local forum site for some timeĀ but obviously the joy to share stories, to have new friends and to know new cultures, waters was missing. The idea was simple. We should open a fishing forum for Mediterranean waters! This was the best and easiest way to open a sail in new waters both for us and all the rest of world. We brainstormed with our dear friends Shane Shacaluga (Gib) and Aydin Mevsim (Tr), set the name “Medfish” and after several days to establish the basic content and we hit the bottle to the bow of the ship at 11 July 05. Since then our journey has never stopped nor slowed down.

Today, we are powered by almost 3500 friends from all over the world and i know there will be many more in the


medfish name: Memo

Memo Arikok, medfish name: Memo

medfish name: Squidly

Pero Ugarkovic, medfish name: Squidly

medfish name: shaneshac

Shane Shacaluga, medfish name: shaneshac

Aydin Mevsim, medfish name: Aydin

Mehmet Kale, medfish name: Poseidon

George Pittas, medfish name: geo1965p

Alejandro Garcia, medfish name: Alejandro

Vivien Vogel, medfish name: Vivien

Ian Bonfiglio, medfish name: Bonf

Dario Deli, medfish name: dario_deli