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Spearfishing license: You have to buy spearfishing license on local clubs, or spearfishing stores. For locals it costs 61 EUR and it lasts till the end of a year. Foreigners have the option of buying 1 day – 8 EUR, 3 days – 20 EUR, 7 days – 40 EUR or 30 days – 95 EUR. With this license you can do other sportfishing activities.

Restrictions: Only freediving method of fishing is allowed and you can use speargun only in daytime. Caught fish can not be sold. When spearfishing you must use buoy that is connected to your body to signal your location. There is a daily limit in weight of 5 kg caught organisms including one single organism over 5 kg.

Restricted areas: In Croatia during summer it is forbidden to spearfish on public beaches, ports, freshwater mouths and military objects. It is also fobiden to spearfish in protected areas such as:

  • Np Kornati
  • Np Mljet
  • Np Brijuni
  • Pp Telašćica

Protected fish: Species totally forbidden in spearfishing are SturgeonGreen wrasseBluefin tunaSwordfish andMediterranean spearfish-marlin. Seasonal protected species are:

  • White sea bream (sarago) 15.03. – 30.04.
  • Dentex 15.04. – 15.06.
  • Brown meagre (corvine)       15.05. – 15.07.
  • Groupers 01.07. – 31.08.

It is also forbidden to catch fish smaller than:

(Mugil cephalus)                                       20 cm

(Liza sp., Chelon sp.)                              16 cm

(Diplodus spp.)                                         15 cm

(Seriola dumerili) 45 cm

(Spondyliosoma cantharus)                  18 cm

(Sciaena umbra)                                     30 cm

(Epinephelus spp.)                                 45 cm

(Sparus aurata)                                       20 cm

(Solea vulgaris)                                       20 cm

(Dicentrarchus labrax)                           23 cm

(Pagrus pagrus)                                      30 cm

(Sarda sarda)                                          45 cm

(Scorpaena scrofa)                                25 cm

(Mullus spp.)                                            11 cm

(Dentex dentex)                                     30 cm