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Spearfishing license: You don’t need any license for spearfishing in the Black Sea. The same applies for locals and foreigners. Spearfishing in inland water (lakes, rivers) is banned.

Restrictions: Only freediving method of fishing is allowed. Spearfishing at night is illegal. Caught fish can not be sold. When spearfishing you must use buoy that is connected to your body to signal your location. There is a daily limit in weight of 3 kg caught organisms and one single organism over 3 kg.

Restricted areas: In Bulgaria it is forbidden to spearfish in ports, freshwater mouths and military objects.

Protected fish: Species totally forbidden for spearfishing are Sturgeon, Beluga. Seasonal protected species are:

Black Sea Turbot (Psetta maxima) – for a period of 45 to 60 days usually starting from May 01. The timeline of the ban is published in an act by the environment ministry every year. In the rest of the year there is a limit of one turbot per day per spearo.

It is also forbidden to catch fish smaller than:

(Mugil cephalus) 25 cm

(Mugil soiuy) 30 cm

(Liza aurata) 25 cm

(Liza saliens) 22 cm

(Dicentrachus labrax/Morone labrax) 28 cm

(Pomatomus saltatrix) 28 cm

(Spicara spp.) 12 cm

(Mullus barbatus ponticus) 12 cm

(Scomber scombrus ) 22 cm

(Sarda sarda) 22 cm

(Psetta maxima) 45 cm

(Platichthys flesus luscus) 20 cm