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Spearfishing license: You have to buy spearfishing license on the post office for 100 kr that is 14 euro, it will last a year.

Restrictions: Freediving and scuba spearfishing is allowed, no restrictions on the number of fish that can be taken. Fish cannot be sold, unless you are a commersial fisherman. Night diving allowed.

Restricted areas: Freshwater is not allowed, and the strait between Denmark and Sweden called Oeresund is also forbidden area. You have to be at least 500m from all streams that are more than 2m wide.

Protected fish: Snaebel, a kind of whitefish only found in the west coast in southern Jutland.

There are size limmits on all fish, generally if the fish is big enough for eating it is legal size. .

Close seasons in fresh water
Species Start End Note
Brook trout 16/11 15/1
Freshwater-crayfishes 1/10






Pike 1/4 30/4
Sea trout 16/11 15/1
Whole and Heltling 1/11 31/1
Salmon 16/11 15/1
Zander 1/5 31/5
Scrubber 15/2 14/5 She-scrubbers with roe
Snaebel 1/1 31/12 Unconditionally preserved
Stalling 15/3 15/5
Close seasons in salt water
Species Start End Note
Sea trout 16/11 15/1 Sea trout in an alley costume (fish) coloured
Entirely 1/11 31/1 In Ringkøbing and Stadil-inlets are completely however protected in the period November 1st – 28. (29.) February
Salmon 16/11 15/1 Salmon in an alley costume (fish) COLOURED
Plaice (She) 15/1 30/4 The Skagerak, Kattegat, Vestlige Østersø, Øresund, Isefjorden, Roskilde Fjord, Limfjorden.
Scrubber (She) 1/2 30/4 Vestlige Østersø and the Lillebælts area (area 22).
Snaebel 1/1 31/12 Unconditionally preserved
Viviparous blenny 15/9 31/1 Pregnant Huns

Note: In salty waters the preservation with salmon and trout concern only coloured fish, that is fish in breeding dress. In the preservation period must only entirely polish fish with loose scales should be brought to home. Coloured fish are immediately and gently released back.

Miminums for fish in freshly- and salt water

Miminums for fish in freshly- and salt water
Species Miminums Note
Perch 20 cm In salt water
Perch Nobody In fresh water
Carried 36 cm
Brook trout 30 cm In fresh water
Freshwater-crayfishes 9 cm
Pike 40 cm In fresh water
Pike 60 cm In salt water
Gulåls 35,5 cm In salt water. In Limfjorden 38 cm, in Ringkjøbing, Nissum and Stadil fjorde 29,5 cm
Gulåls 45 cm In fresh water
Sea trout 40 cm
Conger eels 58 cm
Entirely 36 cm In Ringkøbing Fjord: 34 cm
Horse mackerels 15 cm
Whiting 23 cm
Dab 25 cm The North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the belts
Dab 23 cm The Skagerak and Kattegat
Haddocks 35 cm The Baltic Sea and the belts
Haddocks 32 cm The North Sea, the Skagerak and Kattegat
Coal muzzle 40 cm
Salmon 60 cm
Lubbe 30 cm
Wels 15 cm
Mullet 20 cm
Turbot 30 cm
Plaice 27 cm
Smear dab 26 cm
Zander 50 cm In fresh water and Randers Fjord
Impressive 40 cm (Dark-sea salmon)
Scrubber 25,5 cm
Pure-dab 28 cm
Slethvarre 30 cm
Stalling 33 cm
Stamsild 30 cm
Sea-trout 40 cm
Sole 24,5 cm
Cod 40 cm The North Sea and Skagerrak
Cod 38 cm The Baltic- and the belts, down-area 22-32
Cod 35 cm Limfjorden and Kattegat
Sole 24, 5 cm
Viviparous blenny 23,0 cm