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Spearfishing license: You have to buy spearfishing license in local port authority. It costs 27 euros for the first edition and 7 euros every 2 years for rejuvenation. Only EC citizen can have this license.

1. Is prohibited the exercise of submarine amateur fishery:
a) At the month of May each year.
b) Immediately afterwards the west up to the east of sun.
c) From individuals, that have not supplemented the 16th year of their age.
d) In distance of 200 metres from:
(1) the point where usually swim the bathers.
(2) the harbour work or shipping labellings or ships or other navigable means of fishery, as well as the nets with obvious labeling.
(3) the anchoring boats.
(e) In marine areas of passage of ships, as well as entries – exits of harbors or anchorages.

2. It is prohibited in the amateur submarine fishermen:
a) they remove fish catches from the piscatorial tools of other fishermen.
b) they continue having armed the tools, that are special for the submarine fishery, when they are found outside by water or in the land.
c) they use any form of scuba appliance of benefit of air from ship or portable autonomous scuba appliance. Also, it is prohibited exist respiratory appliances in the ships and, as generally speaking, the navigable means that are used by them.

The amateur submarine fishermen, when they are in dive, are compelled to bring a floating buoy (plastic), color yellow, which brings a flag yellow with diagonal red line, in which are entered digits [Y].[D]. (Submarine Activity) and who should be visible with regular conditions from distance of 300 at least meters. If the spear fisherman is accompanied by boat, this flag should be fixed with obvious point on t o this boat. The spear fisherman should be moved in a beam of 50 meters from the buoy or the boat.

Restricted areas:
There are restricted areas in every county and can be informed from port authorities.

Each spearfisherman is allowed to fish globally:
a) Up to 5 kilos fishes or clams or shellfishes at 24 hours. Is excluded the case where a fish only has bigger weight.
b) One only individual of gender groupers (EPINEPHELUS)

Protected fish:
It is forbidden to catch fish smaller than:

(Mugil cephalus) 20 cm

(Liza sp., Chelon sp.) 16 cm

(Diplodus spp.) 15 cm

(Seriola dumerili) 45 cm

(Spondyliosoma cantharus) 18 cm

(Sciaena umbra) 30 cm

(Epinephelus spp.) 45 cm

(Sparus aurata) 20 cm

(Solea vulgaris) 20 cm

(Dicentrarchus labrax) 25 cm

(Pagrus pagrus) 30 cm

(Sarda sarda) 45 cm

(Scorpaena scrofa) 25 cm

(Mullus spp.) 11 cm

(Dentex dentex) 30 cm