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Spearfishing license: Local residents receive a calendaric year (ends Dec. 31st) liscense. After request from Fishing Department and after the check for criminal records etc, papers arrive and must be paid at Postal bank. Current cost of liscense is 159NIS(=28.9EUR / 41.7USD). Tourists can have a fishing liscense as well, given passport number and stay address in Israel. cost is the same, expiary same.

Restrictions: Only freediving method of fishing is allowed. Speargun of any kind.

Restricted areas: Spearing allowed only in the Med Sea, spearing in Kineret, Jordan river and other rivers and streams and the Red Sea is prohibited. Also excluded: Military Ports, Civilian Ports, factories, shore reservations etc.

Protected fish: No Restriction

Size restriction: No

Notice: If you are a tourist, staying for a short while in Israel, be aware that the process of issuing the liscense will take at least a couple of weeks, at best.