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Spearfishing license: none.

Restrictions: Only freediving method of fishing is allowed and you can use speargun only in daytime. Caught fish can not be sold. When spearfishing you must use buoy or put a red flag with a white diagonal stirpe on your boat. You must stay on the range of 50 meters from signal. There is a daily limit in weight of 5 kg caught organisms including one single organism over 5 kg. It is forbidden catch shellfishes. It is allowed catch cefalopodes.

Restricted areas: In Italy it is forbidden to spearfish on public beaches, ports, freshwater mouths and military objects. It is not allowed to sperfish closer than 500 meters from coast frequented by bathing people.

It is also forbidden to spearfish in protected areas such as:

Friuli Venezia Giulia
– Amp Miramare

– Amp Cinque Terre
– Amp Portofino
– Amp Isola di Bergeggi

– Amp Isola di Ventotene e di Santo Stefano

– Amp Punta campanella

– Amp Isole Tremiti

– Amp Capo Rizzuto

– Parco Nazionale Arcipelago di La Maddalena
– Amp Isola di Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo
– Amp Capo Caccia-Isola Piana
– Amp Isola dell’Asinara

– Riserva naturale marina Isola di Ustica
– Riserva naturale marina Isole dei Ciclopi
– Riserva naturale marina Isole Egadi
– Amp Isole Pelagie
– Amp del Plemmirio

Protected fish: Is forbidden catch more than a grouper a day of any kind. It is forbidden catch shellfishes,Is allowed catch cephalopodes

It is also forbidden to catch fish smaller than:

(Mugil spp) 20 cm

(Diplodus sargus) 20 cm

(Diplodus puntazzo) 18 cm

(Seriola dumerili) 30 cm Sardinia 60 cm

(Spondyliosoma cantharus) 15 cm

(Sciaena umbra) 20 cm

(Epinephelus spp.) 45 cm

(Sparus aurata) 20 cm

(Solea vulgaris) 20 cm

(Dicentrarchus labrax) 23 cm

(Pagrus pagrus) 30 cm

(Sarda sarda) 25 cm

(Mullus spp.) 11 cm

(Dentex dentex) 30 cm

(Thunnus Thyunnus) 70 cm

(Lichia Amia) 60 cm

(Sphyraena Sphyraena) 30 cm

There is a 10% tollerance on minimal measure.