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Murky gunby: Aydin Mevsim

After remodeling my spade gun, our project of challenging to create our woodies with Memor is on the way. In fact we plan to make nearly twin guns with Memor’s Project slip tip gun, We had a slight problem on the tip with one of them. So i decided immediately as a surgeon (in fact we don’t know anything besides making operation) to make circumcision to one of these twins as a routine.

Murky gunThe gun’s were already shaped briefly to our needs but the unfortunate event happened at the tip made me visit my carpenter one more time. After a little more plastic surgery it was ready to open the canal, shape all the edges and handle. Once these are done murky gun was ready to varnish.

After four coats of varnish and placing the trigger mech, rubbers, shaft and new reel; it was time for the balast. In a very early morning the operation carried on when my wife was asleep!

After melting the lead with slight explosions, i put it on the holes that i drilled at the handle and the muzzle of my project. Once process is done i covered the lead holes and also handle with sikaflex.

Enjoy the final pictures and result!

Further information about this project can be found at Medfish Forum

Murky gun

Murky gun

Murky gun

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