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Breaking news in Freediving!

From January 2013 a big change in the freediving education will take place. Two of the biggest freediving schools in the world, Blue Immersion and Freedive Dahab will merge into one, with the goal of opening soon more freediving centers under the name of Blue Immersion in some of the best freediving locations in the world!

imageThe owners of Blue Immersion are Linda Paganelli, Lotta Ericson and Akim Adhari; in the freediving world they are the most experienced SSI freediving instructor trainers and have certified the greatest number of freediving instructors since 2006.

They are also very good deep freedivers: Akim is one of the few freedivers dive to below 100 meters in constant weight, and Linda one of the very few women to dive deeper than 80 meters. Lotta is a former world record holder in static apnea; all 3 are very experienced in all aspect of competitive freediving and all its training aspects.

Lotta and Linda founded Freedive Dahab in 2004, and met Akim in Dahab, when he did his instructor course with them in 2008. Akim was spearfishing since a very young age, and got into freediving only later, during a trip to Kho Tao. That is when he decided to become an instructor and make a living from it.

Because of their extensive background in teaching, they want their schools to be the best: that is why at Blue Immersion you will be able to find the best quality courses and training, but there is more: the Blue Immersion schools offer a different approach depending on the type of freediver you are: fun freediving for who is interested in the recreational aspect, deep training for the serious freedivers, competitive training and competitions for who sees freediving as a performance sport, and of course instructor courses for who wants to become a professional. This is why Blue Immersion has schools in different locations, to be able to offer whatever you need.

In order to celebrate and promote this occasion, Blue Immersion Freediving Centers will have several special offers during 2013!

1-A special “Merger Package price” for a SSI FITC taking place in Dahab (Egypt) during June 2013. In fact, not only you will get tuition from the most experienced trainers, but you will also get a super discount:
25% discount on the regular ITC price (810 euro) = 607 euro!!!
Dates: 1- 10 June 2013
(Note that this price does not include the instructor kit)
If you want to become a freediving instructor this is the best offer you can possibly wish for!

2- Come to first Blue Immersion Freediving Competition in Dahab, Egypt!!
The competition will be FREE for those who book the training with us prior to the competition!!!
If you want to arrange your own training but you are Blue Immersion and Freedive Dahab certified student you will have 50% discount on the competition fee!!!

Prices: 6 days of training + 2 competition days = 210 euro.
Competition only (2 days): regular price 90 euro, reduced price only for FDD and BI students: 45 euro.
Training: 19-24 May
Competition: 25-26 May

3- During all 2013 all students with SSI or AIDA freediving certifications from Blue Immersion Koh Tao will have a 10% discount on courses or training at Freedive Dahab in Dahab.

4- During all 2013 all students with SSI or AIDA freediving certifications from Freedive Dahab in Dahab will have a 10% discount on courses or training at Blue Immersion Koh Tao.

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