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The Greater Meaning of Water

It was 1988 and I was a kid hypnotized deep into the screen to see how Mayol (Jean Marc Bar) was going deep and even deeper! Le Grand Blue was definitely a hit movie of its time and it pushed many of us into freediving. 22 years later another movie is hitting the white screen and the story is again about a freediver!

Plot summary of the TGMW is as follows: Freediver Max Avery (Justin Flint Williford) journeys to his inner-most depths as he pursues competitive freediving as a relief from a chronic lung disease. Yet his passion for the extreme sport is widening a rift between him and his father (Mark Brunetti), a physician, who hears his son’s risky descents will cost him his life. As Max trains for one last world record attempt, he must convince his father that the perilous dive may be his only chance of triumphing over his illness.

Please enjoy the trailer and lets hope this one will be another hit in our humble community.

The Greater Meaning of Water – Trailer from Amorgen Pictures on Vimeo.

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