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One fish… but a big one!

As far as I know this one is the first spearfishing DVD which is filmed by a group of very skilfull hunter across the world and gathered together. In other words, it is a joint effort to show what we are really after… BIG FISH!

I’m sure you’ll find a familiar name in the cast!

  • Rob Torelli – Australia
  • Cameron Kirkconnell –  USA
  • Phillippe Virgili – France
  • Matti Pyykko – Finland
  • Franck Labassa – France
  • Richard Parkinson – Trinidad & Tobago
  • Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari – Qatar
  • Wassim Zein –  Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Gletwyn Rubrige  South Africa
  • Christopher Ananidias – Brazil
  • Alfonso Chavez – Peru
  • Austin Derry – USA

Most of us have seen trailers of One Fish but I’ll put some more here, it is always nice to see some good fish action! If you haven’t visited their site please click the following link:   OneFish

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