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End of the line…

Regardless of the strong south wind, sea was like a little city last night. Commercial boats were trying to circle the fish by using enormous halogen lamps and I was thinking how on earth migratory fish can survive this kind of strategy? Fishing industry has been using smart tools like lamps, satellites, planes, bigger nets with many other gimmicks for decades and unfortunately fish population is taking its share. End of the line is a film by Rupert Murray and it is poking a finger on the fact that “what we are going to do when the fish ends?”. Although it focuses on blue fin tuna, it is reflecting the facts for general fishing industry.

"end of the line" the movie

"end of the line" the movie

It seems like mankind has always been interested in harvesting the goods of mother nature but never managed to find a balance while doing that. In most parts of the world instead of controlling the fishing industry, governments preferred to choke out the recreational fisherman like us.

I strongly suggest you to get a copy of this movie and take a look. It may not be the most entertaining but will certainly enlighten you in many aspects..

End of the Line – The movie

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