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Abellansub Denton 110

 In the beginning it was all about a new wooden gun with a metal muzzle and the beautiful fish laying besides it. The well kept secret is unleashed now and its name is Denton 110. We all know that creating a good gun is not easy and there is always huge experience and knowledge behind it. I’ve to say, i was very excited when i saw the sketches of the new weapon almost 6-7 months ago. The idea of perfecting an already good design was brilliant but also very hard to achieve and apparantly Abellan team has achieved their goal.

In this article, i would like to concentrate on the major differences of new denton than the previous version in a “hunter’s view”.

The new stainless steel muzzle of Denton 110 is giving extra band stretch with the design which eliminates all pins and bridges we used to see to align the monofilament. All parts are cut from a single sheet of metal and the shooting line is sitting tight on the pin and groove. I would like to say, all parts are factory sanded down so there is no need to worry about “line wear”. The rubbers are hanging loose in their new metal housing and when loaded putting all the pressure on the wood body. During action, the stretched rubbers are completing their travel right on the other side of muzzle creating a perfect pull for the spear.

denton 110

Completely integrated with the new parts, we see the quality finish in the body section. Laminated mahogany gives enough strength to handle the strong elastics and special design almost embeds the stretched rubbers. Lateral movements are again very easy without a single wobbling elastic even in the hardest swings. There are also stainless steel balancing plates which lets the user to fine tune the gun for their taste.

Like its been announced the handle has been lifted up to position the hand inline with the center of mass. In other terms it is now inline with the center of recoil which makes the gun very very controlled. The typical behavior during a shot is a slight back pressure with almost no muzzle lift. As you see in the following video, the non-lifting muzzle combined with the perfect pull of elastics gives us extremely straight shots. Also, the non-lifting muzzle helped a lot for a minimal oscillation on the spears during their flight and penetration is increased significantly.

denton 110

Things are not too different when we look in the trigger of the new gun. With one word, i can explain it as sensitive! The reduced pulling distance and the combination of plastic trigger & metal leverage is giving the user a very smooth trigger with minimal effect on aiming. The new automatic line release is working very nice without putting any pressure on the spear or mechanism. It is simply resting at a space in behind the lever arm and works with the falling lever without blocking none of the parts in the mechanism.

Finally, the new Denton 110 feels and works like a very robust and stable package in the water. The addition of new parts and modification of the rest gives the spearo the feeling of comfort, stability and confidence in the water. The amount of power from the compact design is still surprising me every time i pulled the trigger and i believe it will create a new group of fanatics very soon over Med waters.

Note: The gun used in the test and photos is the first prototype version of new series and production version has slight variations.

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