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Al Acecho

The viewer will submerge in the fantastic waters of the Balearic Islands, covering areas where the biggest specimens of the main Mediterranean species can be found, attempting to understand all the factors that control their behaviour. Using various different techniques for spearing in open water, using specialized material, Victor Abellan lands gilthead breams, amberjack, grouper  [ Read More ]

Al Acecho II

Who said: Sequels are never any good? One year after his first film on aguatto, Víctor Abellán once again demonstrates how effective this selective technique is, landing the largest specimens of the main Mediterranean fish. Amberjack, Dentex and grouper are again the stars in this exciting documentary filmed in the crystal clear water of the  [ Read More ]

Spearfishing the Greek Archipelago

Spearfishing the Greek archipelago with Kostis Mamassis where with his refined aspetto and aguatto technique, how he lands groupers, dentex, common sea bream, dusky grouper and amberjacks. Languages: Greek Where to order? Diveshop