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Meaning of freediving…

Some say it is a kind of religion and some looks it as a meditation. World Champion Guillaume Nery explains it as follows. I don’t think it could be better filmed than this! Bravo Sportlife and Bravo Guillaume for putting your name under such nice productions.

“Breath” Teaser Trailers

I guess things have not been the same since Nery shot the free fall. It’s not all about monochrome images, static cameras and low resolution filming any more. As athletes go deeper, they are also looking for cooler ways to display their wonderful efforts. Have a look at the William Trubridge’s teaser trailers!!!

The Greater Meaning of Water

It was 1988 and I was a kid hypnotized deep into the screen to see how Mayol (Jean Marc Bar) was going deep and even deeper! Le Grand Blue was definitely a hit movie of its time and it pushed many of us into freediving. 22 years later another movie is hitting the white screen  [ Read More ]

One fish… but a big one!

As far as I know this one is the first spearfishing DVD which is filmed by a group of very skilfull hunter across the world and gathered together. In other words, it is a joint effort to show what we are really after… BIG FISH! I’m sure you’ll find a familiar name in the cast!  [ Read More ]

End of the line…

Regardless of the strong south wind, sea was like a little city last night. Commercial boats were trying to circle the fish by using enormous halogen lamps and I was thinking how on earth migratory fish can survive this kind of strategy? Fishing industry has been using smart tools like lamps, satellites, planes, bigger nets  [ Read More ]

Spearfishing Costa Rica “The paradise”

Spearfishing DVD recorded in the years 2001, 2002 and 2003, causing that the spectator introduces itself in the fantastic sensation and magical atmosphere of Costa Rica. You will be able to dive in the incredible waters of Costa Rica. Additional information about the DVD and the short demo clip can be seen at VIDEOCEAN.