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Medfish team is waiting you in Spain

Professional freediving courses with extra day of spearfishing speciality training. We are now offering you the world’s best freediving education combined with a spearfishing speciality programme. Team Medfish will run several courses in Ibiza and Murcia for those who want to get in shape early in the season. We will gear you up with the best freediving  [ Read More ]

Sea Shepherd

We sea a lot about whale hunters, dolphin slaughters and I’m sure most of us curse them dearly but at the end of the day there are only few men in the world actively fighting for what we find wrong. There are few organizations in the world which fights for the good of seas and Sea  [ Read More ]

New record from Coste!

Multiple record holder Venezuellan athlete Carlos Coste has broken another record by doing a dynamic in an underwater cave. Total distance 150m! Take a look at this

Medex Show 2012

The 5th of April is the start of 2012 MEDEX show in Istanbul – Turkey. This year’s show will have a lot of action and expected to be the biggest in the last 5 years! Major freediving and spearfishing brands will be present at the show to show their latest product range to their fans.  [ Read More ]